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Cristiana is born in Rio and living in Switzerland for the past 30 years. She is a registered as a Somatic Sexologist.

“After 20 years inside of what I call an “intimacy desert”, in other words, a super happy marriage, where i had almost no sexual life and a great and successful career in design where I was taking anti-depressants, I realised I’d never get all I needed in life by only using my brain.”


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“I understood that my body holds the key to what matters.

My mission is to transform people’s capacity to receive, perceive and give pleasure: the same way I did for myself. I teach how to better experience good sensations in your body, so you can Maintain Contact and Reclaim that Pleasure – No Matter in which Situation you are.

I bring my experience as a teacher, project manager and designer to this work.
I have been helping people for 15 years and know exactly what it’s like to seem to be

so Sexy, Happy, Successful, Independent and yet – so unfulfilled.”


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