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An experiential space to practise asking for what you want, expressing your limits, and making agreements, in a playful and authentic way.

What is a ConsentLab?

ConsentLab is an experiential play/workshop to practise the dynamics taught Somatic Consent.  The evening starts with an introduction and consent games, which leads into the Lab itself, a guided circle structure where people make requests based on consent and agreements.

What you will learn:

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What happens in a ConsentLab?

The introduction is a playful and fun way to get to know each other. In preparation for the Lab, participants learn about consent and communication tools for expressing limits and desires.

In the Lab itself, we sit in a circle and practice making real requests. This anchors an understanding of the power of desire and value of limits when making agreements. It is important that everyone takes responsibility for themselves, both in making a request and responding to a request.

For example, if you would like to receive a back massage for 10 minutes, you express your desire and make a request to a person of your choice: “will you massage my back for 10 minutes?” If the other person is willing to do so, you both go to the side of the circle and carry out the agreement, not more than that, but maybe less if one of you chooses to. After the agreed time is over, you both come back to the circle and continue to make or receive requests.

We complete the workshop with a closing circle for people to reflect on the experience and talk about what they discovered about themselves.

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Who is the ConsentLab for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their communication in relationships – personal or professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience is necessary. And all gender and sexual orientations are welcome. 

This is a safe and confidential sex-positive space. There can be nudity, sensual and sexual dynamics in the room during the Lab. Nobody has to participate in anything but you do have to be ok with others following their own desires in a consensual way.
 For those who choose to participate and respond positively to a request, they will be able to do so from an empowered place.

You can come to the ConsentLab to practise making requests, to practise saying ‘no’, or simply to have fun and connect with new people. Some people may come to the event to practise saying ‘no’ to every request, and some may come to practise receiving a ‘no’. Some people just come to participate by observation.

But most importantly, you come to be you and to learn that you get to choose how, when and where you engage – maybe even not at all.

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